JiNan Bakr Ultrasonic Technology Co., LTD

20 years of washing machine manufacturers

Research and development, manufacturing, marketing one-stop industrial cleaning solution provider

  • 实力厂家

    Strength of the factory

    Bakr focus industrialcleaning
    machine for 20 years
  • 按需定制

    Support for custom

    According to the workpiece demand,
    customized research and development
  • 操作简单

    Quality assurance

    To verify the quality of our products strictly
  • 质量保障

    Perfect after-sale

    Continuous attention to customer needs enhance customer
  • Fully automatic washing
  • Hydrocarbon cleaning
  • robot cleaner
  • Tank cleaning
  • Spray cleaning
  • Standard cleaning

Company Advantage

Word of mouth is king of the clients

  • Provide one-stop service for you

    Continuous attention to customer needs, enhance customer satisfaction!

  • Low prices, to give you the best price

    Ensure quality at the same time, the costs to acme。

  • Monitor the production process strictly

    From design to the factory to install, the company carry out total quality records。

  • Focus on industrial cleaning nearly 20 years

    Exports in 32 countries around the world, including the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea and other countries; Cooperation with customers to exceed 3000, obtain consistent customer recognition and praise!

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