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    What principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine

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    超声波清洗机清洗原理是由超声波发生器发出的高频振荡信号,通过换能器转换成高频机械振荡而传播到介质---清洗溶剂中,超声波在清洗液中疏密相间的向前辐射,使液体流动而产生数以万计的直径为50-500μm 的微小气泡,存在于液体中的微小气泡在声场的作用下振动。这些气泡在超声波纵向传播的负压区形成、生长,而在正压区,当

    Principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning is made by ultrasonic generator, high-frequency oscillation signal through the transducer converts the high frequency mechanical oscillation and spread to the medium - cleaning solvents, ultrasonic radiation forward in cleaning fluid density interaction, make the liquid flow and produces tens of thousands of a diameter of 50-500 microns of tiny air bubbles, exists in the tiny air bubbles in the liquid in the sound field under the action of vibration. The bubbles in the negative pressure of ultrasonic longitudinal transmission area formation, growth, and in positive pressure area, when the pressure reaches a certain value, the bubble increases rapidly, and then suddenly closed. And produce shock waves when bubbles closed, generate thousands of atmospheric pressure, around its destruction of insoluble dirt and scatter them in the cleaning fluid, when the particle is smeary wrapped and is on the surface of the adhesion in cleaning, oil was emulsified and solid particles and out, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning a purification.



    Called "cavitation effect" in this process, the high temperature of closed bubbles can form a few baidu and more than 1000 pressure flash, continuously produce flash like a series of small "explode" constantly impact surface of object, the objects of a crack in the surface and flake dirt quickly, thus achieve the goal of object surface cleaning purification.

    The ultrasonic wave propagation in the liquid, causes the liquid, together with the cleaning trough under the ultrasonic frequency vibration, liquid and cleaning trough their natural frequency, vibration the vibration frequency is the frequency of sound waves, so people will hear the buzz.

    In addition, in the process of ultrasonic cleaning, the naked eye can see the bubble is not vacuum nuclear group of bubble, but the air bubbles and its inhibitory effect on cavitation reduce cleaning efficiency. Only the air bubbles in the liquid is towed away completely, cavitation bubble of vacuum nuclear group to achieve the best effect.

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