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    The application of the ultrasonic cleaning machine industry

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    Of (among) all the cleaning method, ultrasonic cleaning is the most effective and the most effective way. Ultrasonic cleaning machine is able to achieve such effect, and its unique working principle and the cleaning methods are closely related. In our production, there are a lot of things need to clean up, and there are many types and link need to clean up. For example: remove pollutants, dredge pores, manual cleaning methods can not meet the requirements of special objects and hidden objects, even steam cleaning and high pressure water jet cleaning cannot meet the requirements of high cleanliness. Ultrasonic cleaning can also dissolve organic pollutants, kill bacteria, prevent the excessive corrosion and so on. Therefore, the application of ultrasonic cleaning in various industries is more and more widely.




    Ultrasonic cleaning machine should be mainly used for the following industries:

    Machinery industry: removal of antirust oil, remove oil and rust of mechanical parts, engine, carburetor and auto parts cleaning, cleaning filter and filter, etc.

    2. Surface treatment industry: degreasing derusting before plating, ion cleaning, phosphating treatment before plating, removing of carbon deposition, scale removal, polishing paste removal, metal workpiece surface activation treatment, etc.

    3. The instrument industry: measuring tools clean, the height of the precision parts assembly before cleaning, etc.

    4. Electronic industry: besides rosin, solder joints of the printed circuit board; High pressure cleaning contactor and other mechanical and electrical parts, etc.

    5. The health care industry: medical equipment cleaning, disinfection, cleaning experiment instruments, etc.

    6. The semiconductor industry: the height of the semiconductor wafer cleaning.

    7. Watch industry: in addition to the mud, dust, oxidation layer, polishing paste, etc.

    8. Chemical and biological industry: experimental equipment cleaning and descaling.

    9. Optical industry: optical devices, glass oil removal, in addition to the sweat, ash, etc.

    10. Textile printing and dyeing industry: clean textile spinning, the spinneret, etc

    11. The petrochemical industry, metal filter cleaning, cleaning chemical containers, switches, etc.


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