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  • Simplex water-based turning cleaning machine

    Product ApplicationPackage&DeliveryCustomer SiteCompany InformationJinan bakr Ultrasonic Technology Co., Ltd. Is aHigh-tech enterprise specialized in R & D, manufactureand sales ofIndustrialcleaning equipments.Theheadquarterslocatedin Lingang D


    Product Application

    Multifunction 3 Tank Digital Heater Industrial Use Ultrasonic Baths With Basket


    Multifunction 3 Tank Digital Heater Industrial Use Ultrasonic Baths With Basket

    Customer Site

    Multifunction 3 Tank Digital Heater Industrial Use Ultrasonic Baths With Basket

    Company Information

    Multifunction 3 Tank Digital Heater Industrial Use Ultrasonic Baths With Basket

    Jinan bakr Ultrasonic Technology Co., Ltd. Is a High-tech enterprise specialized in R & D, manufacture and sales of Industrial cleaning equipments. The headquarters located in Lingang Development Zone of Jinan, owns over 13,000 square meters standardized workshop area and a total registered capital of RMB 8,000,000($1273,885).Sinobakr owns employees number of 120 people, include 30 engineers, 10 new project R & D technicians, and 10 professional after-sales engineers.

      Our company mainly produces Semi-automatic, Fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning line, Automatic vapor cleaner, Hydrocarbon cleaning and drying equipment.We elaborately develop all kinds of middle-high pressure spray cleaning equipments ,such as Continuous through type, Rotary through type, Hanging through type,Reciprocating,Lifting type, Lifting and stepping conveyor etc. as well as the deburring equipments, which have the advantages of novel structure, fully functions, high reliability, convenient operation and maintenance, will completely take the place of the imported equipments.

      Our products are widely used in the industries as automobiles, locomotives, construction machinery, internal combustion engines, aircraft, aerospace, medical, electroplating, pharmaceuticals, new material, precision electronics, optical lenses, pneumatic and hydraulic machinery, solar photovoltaic and mobile phone and many other fields.

      In 2008year,the company passed the ISO9001 Quality management system certification and CE certification.Till now, Sinobakr products have been exported to Europe, Australia, Asia,North and South America, Africa,etc.totally to more than thirty countries and areas.Good quality and well services have gained Sinobakr very good reputation and well popularity in the world.


    Multifunction 3 Tank Digital Heater Industrial Use Ultrasonic Baths With Basket


    Multifunction 3 Tank Digital Heater Industrial Use Ultrasonic Baths With Basket


    Multifunction 3 Tank Digital Heater Industrial Use Ultrasonic Baths With Basket

    1.Does ultrasonic cleaner damage the articles?
    Ultrasonic cleaning is considered safe for most parts; although in some cases it is necessary to observe caution, although the effect of thousands of implosions per second is very powerful , the cleaning process is safe.
    2.What material do we use for equipment ?
    Our equipment such as inner tank, tank body, vibrating plate, basket using excellent sus304 stain steel with long life.

    3. How to choose ultrasonic cleaning agent?

    There are generally two kinds of ultrasonic cleaning agent, chemical cleaning agent and water-based cleaning agent. Cleaning agent is chemical action while ultrasonic cleaners are physical action. Cleaning objects can be thoroughly cleaned when using both of them. Please choose the right cleaning agent according to different requirements.

    4What are the after-sale services? 

    1. One year warranty. If any technical problems exist during warranty, replacement will be sent out of charge.

    2. Technical support is available forever.

    5-1. Does ultrasonic cleaner damage the articles?

    Ultrasonic cleaning is considered safe for most parts; although in some cases it is necessary to Observe caution. Although the effect of thousands of implosions per second is very powerful, the Cleaning process is safe. 

    5-2. How to avoid damaging the work piece during cleaning?

    1. To use correct ultrasonic frequency and ultrasonic power.

    2. To choose suitable ultrasonic cleaning agent.

    3. To choose reasonable tooling basket and cleaning methods

    6. What are the advantages of Bakr ultrasonic cleaner over traditional cleaning methods?

    1. Minimize the use of manual labor                                                     

    2. Make cleaning and degreasing without the use of organic solvents.                        

    3. Clean easy to reach areas of products and remove all types of dirt.                        

    4. Shorten the processes such as extraction, dispersion, purification, chemical reactions.                                                  

    5. Eliminates costly mechanical and chemical cleaning of heat exchangers.

    7. What frequency is better for my parts?

    Frequency is suggested based on pollutants in the objects.                                 

    28kHz frequency is stronger, better for car/motor/truck/vessel parts clean (remove oils, grease, pastes, etc. ) 40kHz is better for PCB boards, electronic parts, etc.                                         

    Higher precision goods, higher frequency.

    8How to maintain ultrasonic cleaners effectively?

    1. Continuous working time should not be more than four hours

    2. To avoid collision or violent vibration against the machine.

    3. Cleaning fluid should be precipitated, filtrated or replaced in time.

    4. To keep away from heat-source.

    5. To be strictly prohibited the conductive liquid from air intake at the top of the ultrasonic control cabinet.

    9. Do the ultrasonic cleaners pass strict testing?

    Yes.Every machine passed 48hours continuous cleaning test before exfactory.

    10Does Bakr allow customized new item?

    Yes. We have professional R&D team and experienced designing team, so we can help to work out new items as your requirement, ODM is welcome.

    11. Large noise for your product?

    Ultrasonic noise from professional perspective, mainly by ultrasonic generator vibration of mechanical noise, the ultrasonic is adopt the vibrations frequency of 40000 times per second, noise is unavoidable, but our ultrasonic cleaning machine adopts the sound design, noise control in the range of people can accept.

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