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    The bakr enterprise spirit of the best

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    With the development of the enterprise, the company to the rising number of orders, we have always adhered to the pursuit of perfection, strive for perfection the spirit of enterprise, no matter in production process, quality control, or delivery, after-sale link and so on, our enterprise employees are rigorous and efficient to finish one thing, of customers is our pursuit.

    We always wanted to build the most professional cleaning equipment, on the equipment technology research and development into a lot of professional and technical personnel, because now customers are less satisfied with simple cleaning standard machine, with the acceleration of industrial growth, all walks of life have been the pursuit of a more perfect product, so can achieve satisfactory product standards, clean links, we can give our customers tailored to meet the requirements of the equipment, see after we can reach the standard of the product equipment cleaning out, feel a strong sense of achievement and satisfaction, this is our corporate mission of every employee.

    And our standardized workshop, neat and clean workshop environment, the rigorous work attitude, every detail decides the success or failure of the product. New factory address in licheng district of jinan lingang street agency DongShou 8 union college across the south gate. Standard workshop area more than 13000 square meters. Main production of semi-automatic, automatic ultrasonic cleaning line, automatic solvent cleaning machine, the company carefully developed continuously through type, rotary, hanging by type, through type reciprocating, lift, lift off into the conveyor, and other types of high pressure spray cleaning and deburring equipment has the advantages of novel structure, complete functions, the characteristics of reliability, convenient operation and maintenance, has been completely replace the imported equipment.

    In order to satisfy customers receive the goods, in the packaging, we also is rigorous, excelsior attitude, made the cases for each device, avoid transit knock against, to elaborate the perfect safety equipment to reach the hands of customers, is our responsibility.

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