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    The application of the ultrasonic cleaning machine field

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    Ultrasonic propagation in the liquid, causes the liquid and cleaning tank under ultrasonic frequency vibration together, when liquid and cleaning trough has its inherent vibration frequency, the vibration frequency is the frequency of sound waves, so people heard the buzzing. With the continuous development of cleaning industry, more and more industries and enterprises to use ultrasonic cleaning machine.

    Due to the original cause of the ultrasonic cleaning machines, ultrasonic generator of high frequency vibration signal is converted to high-frequency mechanical vibration, and spread to the medium cleaning solvents. Ultrasonic cleaning fluid in the dense forward radiation causes the liquid flow, produce thousands of 50-500 microns diameter of tiny bubbles. Tiny bubbles existing in the liquid in the sound field under the action of vibration. The bubbles in the formation of negative pressure zone and growth, including ultrasonic longitudinal transmission. In positive pressure area, when the pressure reaches a certain value, the bubble increases rapidly, and then suddenly closed. Bubbles have repercussions when closed, generate thousands of atmospheric pressure, destroy the insoluble dirt, which was dispersed in the cleaning fluid. When the particle package groups in oil cleaning and binds to the surface of the part, when oil was emulsified, solid particles and separation, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning parts. In this process, known as "cavitation effect" bubble close to form several baidu more than 1000 pressure and high temperature instantaneous high pressure.

    The advantage of ultrasonic cleaning machine is: ultrasonic cleaning effect is good, the operation is simple. Sound waves are between 20-20000 hz frequency acoustic signal, above 20000 hz called ultrasonic sound waves. Sound waves along the vertical transmission of sine curve, produce a lot of small bubbles. One reason is that the local tensile stress of the liquid form the negative pressure, low pressure dissolved in the liquid gas supersaturation, and escape from the liquid, into a small bubbles; Another reason is that the strong tensile stress will liquid "tear into a cavity is called cavitation.


    1. The family use: daily use items, such as gold and silver jewelry, ornaments, brooch, glasses, watch chain, pen, VCD, razor, a comb, toothbrush, dentures, tea sets, etc., and the bottles, nipples and fruits, such as grapes, cherry, strawberry, these adornment, tools, and fruit during cleaning disinfection, also can use ultrasonic processing. Long-term use can make skin supple, lubrication and elasticity.

    2. The glasses, optical instrument: all optical lenses, such as all kinds of glasses, a magnifying glass, such as the telescope and microscope, camera, all use ultrasonic cleaning.

    3. Jade, jewelry processing industry: in the process of polishing, a large amount of dust will adhere to the jade, decorations, the complex shape workpiece, crack, traditional cleaning methods are often confused about what to do, and d gerth ultrasonic cleaning machine is unique.

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