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    (Atlas, strap vacuum plating pretreatment in addition to wax cleaning solution)Cleaning industry status quo1, use trichloroethylene, in addition to wax water to clean.2, extensive use of tap water, pure water.3, the production process relative lag.Clean the pain points1, high COD emissions

     (Atlas, strap vacuum plating pretreatment in addition to wax cleaning solution)




    Cleaning industry status quo

    1, use trichloroethylene, in addition to wax water to clean.

    2, extensive use of tap water, pure water.

    3, the production process relative lag.

    Clean the pain points

    1, high COD emissions, environmental protection pressure.

    2, after cleaning the surface has the watermark, need a lot of artificial clean water.

    3, blind holes, the tooth branch, plug rods, aperture dirt cleaning not thoroughly, the yield is low.

    4, backward cleaning process, cleaning process complicated.

    Watch industry cleaning solution

    We are committed to pretreatment, plating industry as clock solve environmental dewaxing technology problem, for the clock electroplating industry provide waterless cleaning solution!

    - product substitution

    In addition to wax water, trichloroethylene, reduce the use of tap water, pure water.

    - bring the value of customers

    Improve the yield of electroplating

    Thoroughly remove polishing polishing wax and dirt on the surface of the workpiece, thoroughly remove stains blind holes, trachoma, etc., after cleaning the surface no residue, no watermark.

    Simplify the cleaning process

    Removing wax process for cleaning water thoroughly, can save into the electroplating line front-end dewaxing process water.

    Save all inspection before wiping

    More quality checks

    Due to the surface, blind holes, trachoma, pinhole thoroughly remove stains, such as surface oil, blind holes, trachoma, pinhole is clearly visible, such as to facilitate effective and efficient of the workpiece inspection.

    Prepare: can choose custom cleaning process according to customer requirements

    More detailed scheme is introduced,whatsapp:  +86-18653119379


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