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    How to do business in a timely manner or delivery in advance?

    Author:admin Views:40 Source:本站 Time:2021-10-27 16:23:21


    交货期一到却不能及时交货一直是现代企业的通病,很多客户可能就是因为购买的非标设备不能及时到货而耽误自己的生产进度,巴克秉承持续改善的原则,力争要做到工业清洗行业中最短交货期。光说不练假把式,今天小编就从几个维度来讲一下巴克是如合提高交货率的! 2019年是巴克的效率提升年,我们不止要提高及时交

    A shipment to can't timely delivery of the goods has been the common fault of the modern enterprise, because many clients may be purchase non-standard equipment is not the arrival of the goods in time and delay their production schedule, buck adhering to the principle of continuous improvement, strive for to do industrial cleaning industry, the shortest delivery time. All talk accusers, today small make up from several dimensions for the buck is like us improve delivery!



    2019 is a bakr's efficiency, we not only to improve the timely delivery rate, more to improve on-time delivery. To shorten the delivery time, main is to establish order information oriented business process, through the "time shrinks space", to reduce production area, warehouse space utilization and waste, through strengthening management, improving staff quality, improve management level, so as to raise timely delivery rate, lift the delivery rate of 100%.

    We should make elaborate production equipment more than fast,. In the process of equipment manufacturing, standardized management, professional qc will track record equipment quality, ensure that each device before delivery to carry on the strict quality control and inspection, and the equipment arrive the customer site, with the condition of the customer, quickly meet customer acceptance criteria, quality of the equipment delivered to the customer, thus improve the rate of equipment delivery.

    To provide better cleaning solution has always been a buck survival mission, we constantly improve the sales process, production process, quality inspection process and after-sales service in order to better serve customers. Buck has now past 19 years, 19 years, one thing only focus for industrial cleaning equipment, do the cleaning equipment has a lot of, but like buck, specializes in cleaning equipment, only a more professional, buck, cleaning equipment specialist.

    Bakr, industrial cleaning easier!

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